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dina’s oc Rell, she has robot legs

Rell, not dina


Just to get used to her, some sketches

Her face is very plain, but she has dark eyebrows that look really out of place and she covers them with her bangs mostly

Her ears are pointed but almost always covered by hair.

Her organic parts are mostly human.

Concept for Rell.

I wasn’t working very hard on the artwork side of this, just kind of dropping colors and shapes down to get my idea straightened out. feel free to offer your thoughts on her.

I don’t have a lot of Midas here because he’s hard to draw and I never finalized his design.

But I’m working on that (this is clearly when he’s older than his first introduction). Here’s my work-in-progress.

This is his eye that he gave himself. It honestly has no special abilities (I don’t think I’ll give it any, at least), he just wanted it.

His robotic arm will give me much more trouble. I’ll get to that.

Okay so I’m gonna try defining the world and stories of my characters more now that they’re being kept in one place. I’ll accept asks and submissions anytime!

Let me know if there’s anything you’re curious about?

Rough ideas for the new design of Aleister. Whose name is now Allis because it’s more fun

He goes through some pretty intense stuff and then cleans back up.


New design for my currently unnamed fellow. I should really work harder on these things, my art is getting lazier.

Completed! Two different outfits for Jayce’s brother, Crain.



Her life is one mess after the other. Her eyes were taken from a relative of Jayce, who I drew before, after her eyes were stolen when she was little. Since then she’s received the royal treatment (overprotected and locked away in a heavily-guarded fortress) because of her parents’ fear that her attacker would return. Their wealth provided a barrier for a long time, but eventually her attacker did return, slaughtering the only person Claudia knew or cared about only to give her freedom from her sheltered life.

While the motives for these attacks is currently unknown (to everyone but myself and Elysian), due to spending so much of her life blindfolded (because the eyes she received were not natural on her, and weren’t even human to begin with), she had no choice but to trust the first voice she heard, which would lead to a long chain of misfortune for her, including the unveiling of her darkest secret (hint:Not the eyes).

Still not sure on the colors of her dress, and she was once a redhead, but I like her hair/eyes this way.

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